Renaming the Dragonborn

Now that I’ve decided to go with the OGL, I can’t call the dragon-like humanoids that live in Parsantium “dragonborn”. So what should I call them? Please let me know in the poll below.


22 thoughts on “Renaming the Dragonborn

  1. I really like the name “Drakken.” To me it sounds similar enough to Dragon and also has the “kin” thing going for it at the end. I don’t think it needs to be muddled up with “-folk” or “-kin” or anything else. I think the name speaks for itself.


  2. Sorry Rich gonna be awkward, if they are seen favourably I think Drakkenfolk, if not so favourably then Drakken spawn, which sounds far less savoury. Great names in any case.


    • That’s pretty cool. In 13th Age, they suggest two names – one they call themselves and one that others call them πŸ˜‰


  3. I won’t edit the poll, as it might break, but I found the note I scribbled this morning that also had Dragonscaled and Drakkenborn on it….


  4. Of the poll options I prefer Dragonkin – “kin” has a fairly neutral feel, while “spawn” sounds quite negative, almost insulting. “Folk” is, well, folksy ;). Spawn also implies a slightly closer relationship than kin, I think, suggesting that they are offspring rather than distant cousins of dragons. Don’t much like any of the “drakken” options, but “wyrmkin” is good.


  5. Cheers Graham! Dragonkin certainly seems to be building up a lead. I like “wyrmkin” too but not sure how to pronounce it….


  6. “Dragonkin” sounds a little as if it might be a hybrid race, but is my pick of the options. Is “Draconids” taken?


  7. I went for Dragonkin as well, pretty much for Graham’s reasons above. ‘Wyrmkin’ is a good option, because the word ‘wyrm’ is cool. Although it does have something of the sinister about it, so might be a possibility for a pejorative term that others use about them (which could be reclaimed by the more Gothy dragonkin types πŸ™‚ ).


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  11. I picked Dragonkin. My preferred ruleset is 3e, but I found the change from “Lizardmen” to “Lizard Folk” to be a bit too much like political correctness rather than a change made to make the name roll off of the tongue better. (“Lizardkin” would have been a much better gender neutral name.)

    Aside from my issues with “Folk”, the other reason I went with “Dragonkin” is that it is more obvious that these critters are thought to be related to dragons. It isn’t “sounds a bit like dragon” it is “dragon with a suffix”. I think that gives you more clarity.


  12. Cheers Dave! Clearly my WordPress skills aren’t as good as I thought they were as the poll was supposed to close automatically on Friday night πŸ˜‰ Anyway, dragonkin ended up with most votes, so that’s what I’m going with, but I’m going to use Drakken and Wyrmkin as alternate names.


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