Now in Glorious Technicolour

Here’s the latest cover sketch from Joe Shawcross, this time in colour. Can’t wait to see the finished painting!

Parsantium colour sketch


4 thoughts on “Now in Glorious Technicolour

  1. Yes yes yes, it is just the kind of cover I wanted, evocative, alluring, and generally splendid. When can we buy that wonderful book, and will it be available via amazon in the UK, just trying to avoid the custom fees into Europe 🙂


    • Thanks! Glad you like it. Not worked out how I’m going to do the print on demand version yet but I am keen for it to be readily available in Europe.


  2. Look into CreateSpace. CreateSpace are based in the USA, but they are owned by Amazon. For an additional fee, they will put your book on sale on, and There are other PoD outlets out there, but the advantage of selling through CreateSpace to is that people will get the book without paying an additional shipping fee. This is a big contrast to Lulu, who throw on a very big shipping fee.

    I got the Unnofficial Living Greyhawk Bandit Kingdoms book from and was happy with the quality. The author Casey Brown, is also studying the publishing industry and wrote several articles about using CreateSpace. There is a thread about them all at The Piazza:

    I know we are both in London. If we do meet up sometime, I’d be happy to bring along the Bandit Kingdoms book, so that you could have a look at the quality of the printing.


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