Front and Back Matter

It’s nearly Christmas and we’re still hard at work getting Parsantium ready for publication. This week, we’ve been compiling the index. It’s been something of a trend in recent years to not include an index in RPG books but I think this makes them much harder to use in play. The Parsantium index still needs editing but I’ve tried to make it as comprehensive as possible, and it currently spans over six pages.

As well as the index, we’ve been sorting out the rest of the front and back matter, including the credits page, introduction and contents. You can see the contents page here.

Other stuff still to do includes checking and signing off the final version of the colour city map, designing the front and back cover, writing a blurb, and a full, final proofread of the finished book before uploading the files to Paizo and Fingers crossed we’ll get all this done before the end of the month.


2 thoughts on “Front and Back Matter

    • Cheers Bill. The 13th Age index is great, but I don’t think it’s quite right for a city sourcebook. I’m hoping what I’ve come up with will prove jolly handy though 😉


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