13th Age Golden Scimitars, Part 1: The Spies

At #UKT5, I ran an adventure set in Parsantium’s Old Quarter called “Murder at the Hippocampus Baths” using the 13th Age rules. I’d originally run the adventure as part of my 4e campaign, so needed to create new stat blocks for the NPC villains, all members of the Golden Scimitars gang. I’m thought I would post them here for anyone that needs new adventure tier foes for their PCs to fight, in Parsantium or elsewhere. The first two NPCs are below; more to follow.

The Golden Scimitars

The Golden Scimitars are the most powerful of the Hidden Quarter criminal organizations, specializing in extortion, gambling and prostitution. They own many of the inns, taverns, brothels and gambling houses in the Old Quarter’s Poor Ward, and regularly send round their enforcers to demand protection money from local businesses. Thanks to a series of hefty bribes and more than a few threats, the gang have the Poor Ward’s Watch Captain, Attalus, in their pocket, allowing them to go about their activities unchallenged by the forces of law and order. As a Hidden Quarter gang, the Scimitars pay tribute to Avishandu, the “Boss of All Bosses” and one of Parsantium’s icons.

There are more than 150 members of the Golden Scimitars, mostly human and gnoll enforcers, as well as twice that number of independent burglars, muggers and beggars who pay dues to the guild. Upon passing their initiation test, all full members are tattooed with two crossed scimitars on their upper arms. Gang members add a small skull tattoo beneath the scimitars for each man they’ve killed after joining the group; some have arms completely covered in skulls.

With a firm grip established on the Poor Ward, their leader, Zeno Meverel, is seeking to expand their influence into the neighbouring Artisans Ward, currently the territory of the weaker Lamplighters. So far, they have established an alliance with the powerful Most Excellent Order of Stonemasons against their Lamplighter-backed enemies, the Guild of Potters and Tilemakers, and have started demanding protection money from shops, taverns and coffee houses. The gang is eager to infiltrate two more influential trade guilds and has placed men on the waiting staff at the White Palm and other taverns to spy on the guildmasters and important locals who eat and drink there.

You can read more about the Golden Scimitars in the Organizations chapter of Parsantium: City at the Crossroads.

Golden Scimitars symbol

The Spies

Sufyan and Ikar Urbicus are the two gang members assigned to the White Palm as spies. Both make very poor waiters and the tavern’s landlord would love to get rid of them but his fear of the Golden Scimitars stops him from firing the pair. Sufyan has the fiery temper typical of an ifrit, impatient with patrons who dither over the menu and liable to snap if he doesn’t get a big enough tip. Ikar, a half-orc, is sullen, lazy and clumsy too, spilling drinks and dropping plates. Despite their incompetence as tavern staff, both are good observers and have been able to feed many useful tidbits of information on guild politics back to Zeno.

Sufyan, as befits his efreeti ancestry, has crimson skin mottled with vermillion, pointy ears, and bright orange-red hair that stands on end and flickers with tiny blue flames. He fights with a shining bronze scimitar with fiery patterns engraved on its blade which he keeps hidden under his bed. He has sixteen skull tattoos on his right arm beneath his crossed scimitars.

Sufyan, Ifrit Magus
Level 5 caster [humanoid]
Initiative +10
AC 21, PD 15, MD 19
HP 72

Flameblade +10, 18 fire damage
Natural even hit: 5 ongoing fire damage

R: Fiery Bolt +10 vs. PD, 18 fire damage
Natural odd hit: 5 ongoing fire damage

Fan the Flames: once per battle as a quick action, Sufyan can increase a nearby enemy’s ongoing fire damage to 10 and the target needs 16+ to save

Resist Fire: when a fire attack targets Sufyan, the attacker must roll a natural 16+ or the attack deals half damage

Ikar Urbicus is tall and well-muscled, with dark brown skin, narrow green eyes and pointed ears. His shoulder length black hair is braided into cornrows, and he wears a crocodile tooth around his neck on a leather thong. His fighting style is unsubtle, brutal and effective. Ikar has skull tattoos on both his arms, a dozen on each.

Ikar, Half-orc Rogue
Level 4 troop [humanoid]
Initiative +9
AC 19, PD 18, MD 15
HP 60

Broadsword +10 vs. AC, 12 damage
Natural even hit: Ikar gains a +2 bonus to his next melee attack.
Natural odd hit: The target takes +1d6 damage.
Natural even miss: 4 damage.
Natural odd miss: If Ikar’s next melee attack is a natural even hit, it becomes a critical hit instead.

Lethal Swing: once per battle, Ikar can reroll a melee attack and use the result he prefers.

Crossbow +10 vs AC, 10 damage

*Artwork copyright William McAusland, Outland Arts, used with permission

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