Parsantium’s Icons: Platinum Knights


The Platinum Knights of Themicia is a fighting order of knights and paladins acting as the sword and shield of the Church of Themicia, sworn to protect the god’s clerics and worshippers from harm, and to mete out justice to evildoers. Followers of a strict chivalric code, the Platinum Knights defend the inhabitants of the former Bathuran Empire from orcs, hobgoblins and other hostile humanoids.


“Let the nine principles of the Code of Themicia guide your every thought and deed and the path from squire to knight will run straight and true.” – Orthas


In their cloud fortress headquarters, hovering above the island of Cervenna in the Corsairs’ Sea, in the Celestial Bastion in Parsantium’s Grand Ward, and in chapter houses throughout the former Bathuran Empire.


The full version of this icon appears in the supplement, Icons of Parsantium.


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