Parsantium’s Icons: Water Lords


The twelve Water Lords are the elected rulers of the Most Serene City of Loranto, a powerful mercantile canal city situated across the Corsairs’ Sea to the west of Parsantium. Although the Water Lords squabble, scheme and plot against each other, all of them share the common aim of making Loranto the dominant maritime trade power in the Corsairs’ Sea.


“If you would be so kind as to sign the agreement here. And here. Oh, and here. I wouldn’t worry about the fine script at the bottom – that’s just there to keep the clerks happy. Excellent…”


In the Grand Council Chamber of the Duke’s Palace in the heart of Loranto.

MZK 001 Nr 09 Eine Ansicht des Dogenpalastes - Fig. 01 Ende 14. Jhdt.jpg

The full version of this icon appears in the supplement, Icons of Parsantium.


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