13th Age: 15 Icons

The Rajah, posted earlier this week, completes my 15 icons for 13th Age and the Parsantium setting.

Here’s how the icons line up in my campaign. Feel free to tweak these as you see fit in your own games – you might decide that the Grand Master of the Blue Lotus is secretly up to no good, or that the Witch of Flotsam is a useful ally for your PCs.

Heroic Icons: Usually the Archbishop, the Dragon, the Grand Master of the Blue Lotus, the Maharani and the Platinum Knights; possibly the Caliph and the Basileus.

Ambiguous Icons: Usually the Caliph, the Lady of the Summer Kingdom, the Basileus, the Emperor of the Jade Throne and the Water Lords; possibly the Archbishop.

Villainous Icons: Usually the Boss of All Bosses, the Gnoll Khan, the Mummy, the Rajah and the Witch of Flotsam; possibly the Water Lords.

I’ve had a lot of fun writing the icons and hope you’ve enjoyed reading about them too! Please do let me know what you think in the comments.

And if you haven’t already purchased Parsantium: City at the Crossroads to use with 13th Age, you can save 20% on the print and PDF editions until 30th September at drivethrurpg.com and paizo.com 😉


2 thoughts on “13th Age: 15 Icons

  1. Any chance for a collected PDF? I’d pay a couple of bucks on Drive Thru for a 13th Age Icon book…. The setting is pretty interesting …


    • There is, definitely 😃. I’ve been thinking about compiling one and have been wondering how much interest there would be. Cheers.


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