Quick Poll: 13th Age Icons PDF

Someone asked me yesterday if there was any chance of a PDF collecting the 15 icons I wrote for 13th Age and Parsantium. I’ve been thinking about doing this so it would be useful to gauge how much interest there would be.

I’d be looking to price the PDF at around $2 and lay it out in the style of Parsantium: City at the Crossroads with minimal art to keep the cost down.

Would you buy a PDF like this? Please vote in the poll or let me know what you think in the comments.


2 thoughts on “Quick Poll: 13th Age Icons PDF

  1. I’m glad I kicked up a nest of productive bees then! Parsantium caught me soon after reading Lost to the West (the book form of the podcast 12 Byzantine Emperors) and a couple of histories about Venice as well as the History of Byzantium podcast. Its a neat pseudo historical setting with some great ideas and all of them are ripe for 13th Age.

    Its ripe for backgrounds like Hero of the Greens… Trusted Urskovian Body Guard or Caravan Swindler….


  2. Cheers Jeff! I’ll have to try and listen to those podcasts you mentioned – they sound really interesting. And I love your 13th Age background suggestions!


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