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I’ve been a bit quiet on here recently – my day job has been pretty busy – so it’s definitely time for an update on what’s going on with Parsantium.

Firstly, although it’s not that scary, Parsantium: City at the Crossroads is included in the Halloween sale at so you can purchase the PDF at 33% off through to 31st October!


I’ve also been doing a fair bit of thinking about how to follow up the book in the last few weeks and have a couple of projects in mind. The first is Icons of Parsantium, a PDF compilation of the fifteen 13th Age icons I wrote for this blog – thanks to everyone who voted in the poll or gave me feedback. This will be a professionally edited and laid out PDF at a low price, probably around $2. I’m hoping this won’t take too long to do but Kate will need to fit this in around her other commitments.

The second project is much bigger and will take some time to write and pull together so we’re looking at publishing some time in 2015. Tentatively entitled Tales of Parsantium, this will be a collection of three or four low to mid-level adventures set in and around the City at the Crossroads. Ideally – and this depends on WotC producing a third party license for D&D – the adventures would include stats for Dungeons & Dragons 5e as well as Pathfinder and 13th Age.

At the moment I am writing (and DMing) the final epic adventure in my long-running 4e Parsantium campaign featuring the infamous Juma Gang and their attempts to prevent the return of the Rajah Vrishabha, and this has been taking up a fair bit of my free time. I’m also going to be running Blood on the Sands, a D&D 5e adventure set at the Hippodrome,  at Dragonmeet 2014 so there’s work to do on this too (made all the more challenging by the absence of a DMG!). Once both of these projects are done I’ll be able to devote more time to working on the new adventures for Tales. I’ll keep you all updated on how it’s going on this blog.

Finally, I’d love to hear about how you are using Parsantium in your games. And please do let me know if you have any questions or comments too 😉


4 thoughts on “Latest News

  1. In my ACKS campaign the players have gone down the coast to the mountains around Khemit where they flirted with the Fortress of Badabaskor, but now they are heading back to the Caravans Ward to complete their mission for the Black Minotaur. That is, if they can avoid the rumours about Queen Merytnofru…


  2. I created a tavern in the Caravans Ward called The Black Minotaur. It’s owned and run by a mysterious and recluse minotaur (who’s also jet black). He appears to have a hidden agenda of some sort, but as far as the characters are concerned, he’s a good source of employment and adventure.

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