Happy New Year!

Parsantium: City at the Crossroads was published in February last year after more than a year’s writing, revisions, editing, proof-reading, layout and design.

I just wanted to say big thank you to everyone who read, reviewed, or talked about the book and wish you all a brilliant 2015!

I’ll be starting work shortly on Tales of Parsantium, a collection of three or four low to mid-level adventures set in and around the City at the Crossroads. The plan is for the adventures to include stats for Dungeons & Dragons 5e as well as Pathfinder and 13th Age – depending on a 3PP licence from Wizards. I’ll be posting updates on here, and will be looking for playtesters too 😉

Happy New Year!


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. As someone who recently purchased and finished reading the Parsantium book, this is great news! My players want to start a new campaign for 5th edition and I think Parsantium is the perfect place to set it in so the fact that this new book will include 5th edition stats is fantastic. I also want to say thank you to Richard Green for putting this setting out. As someone with a background in ancient literature of the Levant, I love to set its trappings so well interpreted into gaming material.


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