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This weekend we worked on Icons of Parsantium – my forthcoming Parsantium supplement for use with 13th Age and all editions of D&D, and featuring the fifteen most influential NPCs in the city and the world beyond.

Kate has completed the initial layout of the book in InDesign. It’s crisp and uncluttered, and should hopefully look familiar to anyone who’s read Parsantium: City at the Crossroads. Total page count is currently 45 pages, with two pages dedicated to each icon, plus an introduction, racial write ups for the gnoll and the vanara, four pages of icon relationship dice results/adventure hooks, a page of GM-only secret knowledge, and a world map.

After reviewing the layout, we spent some time sourcing a few additional illustrations where we felt we needed to break up the text and pep up the layout. This isn’t an art-heavy book, as I want to keep the selling price from getting too high, but hopefully you’ll like how it looks.

Next up, we need to turn Joe Shawcross’ excellent cover art into a finished cover design, then Kate needs to edit the text and do some final tweaks on the layout before final proofreading and uploading to and other fine purveyors of RPG pdfs 😉


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