New Bundle of Holding: Fantasy Frontiers

Very excited to be part of the latest Bundle of Holding featuring exotic fantasy settings, running until 22nd July.

This new collection of tabletop fantasy roleplaying games and campaigns takes you to exotic cultures and unusual times. Drawing from myths of many lands, eras of high intrigue, and even modern medicine, these games explore the far boundaries of fantasy RPG settings.

For just US$5.95 you get all three titles in the Starter Collection (retail value $30) as DRM-free PDF ebooks:

STARTER COLLECTION (US$5.95 – retail value $30)

Spears of the Dawn (retail $10): Stars Without Number designer Kevin Crawford designed this old-school sandbox game based on African cultures and folklore.

Castles & Chemo (retail $10): A remarkable D&D 4e/Pathfinder adventure inspired by a cancer survivor’s chemotherapy.

Ehdrigohr (retail price $10): This Fate-powered game inspired by Native American myth recently drew strong praise on Boing Boing.

If you pay more than the threshold (average) price, currently $17.64, you also get all the titles in the Bonus Collection:

BONUS TITLES (retail value $86)

Spellbound Kingdoms (retail $10): Dark Renaissance fantasy where fashionable garb can take you further than a sharp rapier.

Yggdrasill – The Lands of the North (retail $25): Scandinavian sagas power this complete RPG from Cubicle 7 Entertainment and the designers of Qin: The Warring States.

Against the Dark Yogi (retail $15): Epic high-action dueling and mass battles in a land out of Indian mythology.

Egyptian Adventures – Hamunaptra (retail $24): Green Ronin’s massive D&D 3.x setting, the fantastic desert kingdom of Khoti.

Parsantium: City at the Crossroads (retail $12): loosely based on Byzantium, Parsantium is a cultural melting pot with elements from the Arabian Nights, ancient India and the Far East.

Total retail value: $116.00

There’s a benefit to buying early. When new bonus titles are added to the offer, you’ll receive the newly added titles automatically, regardless of whether you paid more than the bonus threshold. When you buy a Bundle of Holding, you never worry about missing books added later.

Find out more at Bundle of Holding


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