Quick Poll: Monster Stats in Adventures

Last week I posted asking for feedback on multi-system adventures and got some great comments here, on Paizo.com and on G+. I’ve got another question for you and thought I’d do a quick poll.

Where do you prefer to see monster/NPC stat blocks presented in adventures?

Do you like the stats included as part of the adventure text (as in most Paizo Pathfinder adventures), on a separate page or double page spread (the “delve” format in late 3.5 & early 4e adventures), or  together at the back of the adventure in an appendix? Or something completely different? Does it depend on the system you’re using?

Please let me know what you think.


9 thoughts on “Quick Poll: Monster Stats in Adventures

  1. Ticked other. If they are “standard” monsters from the game system there stats will be in the relevant Monster manual. If they are non-standard then an extra little booklet with the adventure would be my preference as then you dont have to keep page flicking.


  2. I still like them on the page with the rest of the encounter description, but without the powers/effects overload of 4e it’s less of an issue for 5e. And just to make your page layout even more of a bastard, they’re nicer if they aren’t split over the turn of a page! 🙂


    • Cheers Andy! It’s more tricky in Pathfinder where the stat blocks can get very long (particularly at high levels) but I agree about trying not to split stats over two pages.


  3. Delve format. Just give the monsters less abilities *unless* they’re boss types (most monsters are fine with a melee and/or ranged attack plus 1-2 “tricks” up their sleeve, regardless if these tricks are racial abilities, class abilities, item features, or what not). The less sorting and page-flipping that needs to be done, the better. It’s also why I favor a monster format where I don’t need to draw upon years of experience with the game to understand the creature’s mechanics.


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