Rainy Bank Holiday Update

It’s miserable outside so I’ve been getting some writing done today! Common sense dictates that it’s better to publish a 1st-level adventure before the one that’s for 2nd-3rd level characters so I’ve stopped working on Flotsam & Jetsam, and started on the introductory adventure.

Provisionally entitled Whispers of the Dark Daeva, I’m aiming for around 10-12,000 words and managed to get 1,300 done today. This was the adventure background, summary and hooks plus an introduction to  Parsantium for those new to the city. Still a lot to do but I have an outline to work to and everything is set up in Scrivener.

Thanks to everyone who voted in my poll on monster stats. It’s still open if you haven’t had a chance to vote yet or leave a comment. As I expected, the results are inconclusive, but I got some useful feedback on how you use monster stats in adventures 🙂


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