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This weekend I finished the 5e playtest draft versions of my forthcoming adventure Whispers of the Dark Daeva, incorporating changes to several key scenes following the Pathfinder playtest I ran for our Monday night gaming group and other very useful playtest feedback.

Since the first part of the adventure involves investigating the violent incidents that have been taking place in the Dock Ward, it’s often hard when you’re writing to judge if you are making the clues too obvious or too obscure. In this case, I think things were a bit too obvious, and a really fun encounter was skipped as the PCs already had all the information they needed early on. I’ve now tweaked things following the feedback, swapping the order in which information is shared, and spreading the clues around a little more.

This has gone off to several groups of Parsantium gamers to playtest and I’m looking forward to hearing their feedback. I’m also running the adventure for our Saturday night gaming group (aka the infamous Juma Gang) this month which should be good fun. This round of playtesting will hopefully let me know if the changes I’ve made have improved the way in which the adventure unfolds, and if the 5e encounters are balanced for a party of 1st level characters.

The art is all in now, so once any changes from the 5e playtest are incorporated into the manuscript, we’ll be getting started on editing, layout and cover design. In the meantime, here’s Matt Morrow’s finished illustration of Calbiades Hot-Blooded, minotaur captain.

Calbiades Hot-Blooded by Matt Morrow

Art by Matt Morrow

Working on the 5e version of the adventure and seeing all the cool stuff coming out from 3rd party publishers and on the DM’s Guild has made me want to write some new 5e player material for Parsantium. I’m not sure yet whether this will be blog content or a new product, but please let me know if there is anything you are interested in seeing. Backgrounds, races and class options all seem like they would be fun to do.

Finally, if you haven’t bought Parsantium: City at the Crossroads, it’s on sale at 25% off at until 30th April as part of their 5th Edition sale 🙂


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