New Lands of Parsantium Map

I’m very excited to announce that top fantasy cartographer Jared Blando has created a beautiful, brand new map of the wider world of Parsantium.

You can check out the low res version below – a full resolution version of the map is included in the revised PDF of Icons of Parsantium. If you have previously purchased this supplement, you can download the updated files with the new map for free from your Drivethrurpg or Paizo library.

The Lands of Parsantium by Jared Blando

The Lands of Parsantium by Jared Blando

Thanks to Symatt for his original world map, and to Graham Ruston for mapping the Sunset Lands for his Via Bathura campaign.

6 thoughts on “New Lands of Parsantium Map

  1. Looks good! So Lutisse, Qardab and Esch made the cut along with a couple of rivers 🙂 Of course, in the REAL Valkania the Gloomtangles and the Forgesmoke Mountains are the other way round, but.. 😉


    • Cheers Graham! Sometimes the cartographers of Parsantium and Rezana don’t see the world the same way. Looking forward to exploring the real Valkania this evening 😃


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