20 Parsantine Trinkets

I love the trinkets in the 5e Player’s Handbook and thought it would be fun to do a few with a Parsantine twist.

Floral star

  1. A small painted wooden icon depicting St Carinus administering to the poor; it glows faintly
  2. A pair of bone Hazard dice; the sixes are replaced with an elephant’s head
  3. A felt cap, embroidered with the emblem of the Guild of Carpenters and Joiners in gold thread
  4. A red ornamental bindi spangle, decorated with gold
  5. Three pages of a near-illegible early draft of Iancu Petronas’s latest play, yet to be performed in public
  6. A gnoll fetish made from a meerkat skull and vulture feathers, bound together with strips of leather
  7. A blue and white glass eye-shaped amulet to ward off the Evil Eye
  8. An Urskovian carved wooden figurine of a bear
  9. An ancient silver rupee with the Rajah Vrishabha’s head on one side and the great stone bridges over the Dolphin Strait on the reverse
  10. A cloth bag full of brightly-coloured tesserae (mosaic pieces)
  11. A curse written on a folded lead sheet and studded with nails, with a blank space for the name of the victim
  12. A worn leatherbound history of the Bathuran Empire with a blue lotus flower pressed between its pages
  13. A small silver box that cannot be opened, with a faint inscription in an unknown language
  14. A sketch map showing the hidden vaults underneath a noble house’s mansion in the Imperial Quarter
  15. A clockwork soldier made by the toymaker Skorrif of Wondrous Things; its sword is very sharp and it’s easy to cut yourself when winding up the toy.
  16. A six inch by four inch pattered rug which floats a foot off the ground when unrolled
  17. A four inch tall blue stone statuette of a monkey sitting in the lotus position
  18. A letter of acceptance to the Scholasticia, Parsantium’s university
  19. The autograph of a leading chariot driver for the Greens scribbled on the back of a bill of sale
  20. A little cloth bag holding six pink rowan berries from the Feyshore Forest (as goodberry but these do not lose their potency)

Please feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments below!

And if you want more, these Southlands trinkets from Kobold Press would work well in Parsantium too.


3 thoughts on “20 Parsantine Trinkets

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  2. How about this for one?:

    The Bowl of Fixed Stars: This is a delicate black bowl with gold and brown artwork inside it, depicting the various creatures of the night sky. The black bowl and the brown artwork are both made from translucent glass, while the golden spots are real gold. If a candle is put into this bowl, in a dark room, it projects light onto the ground, with the gold casting dark dots that match the constellations of the night sky.


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