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Thought it was about time for an update on Whispers of the Dark Daeva!

Kate has been incredibly busy with her day job as a freelance editor so we haven’t had much time to work on the adventure in the last few weeks. Nonetheless, we have managed to get the introduction, and first three chapters of the 5e version styled up and laid out, including stat blocks, art and maps.

It was a year ago that I first asked you all how you liked to see monster stats presented in adventures and overall the feedback was in favour of including the stats on the page with the encounter description – my preference too as a GM. I want to make the adventure as easy as possible for the GM to run so that’s what we’re doing with Whispers of the Dark Daeva. This can prevent layout challenges but so far I think we’ve managed to achieve this while keeping the layout as clean and uncluttered as we can. Formatting 5e stats in InDesign has been a bit tricky too but we’ve cracked it now (I hope!) and things should be easier for the final two chapters. That’s just as well as these contain lots of monster and NPC stats.

Once the 5e version is laid out, Kate will edit the text and then it will be on to the Pathfinder version. We’re off on holiday in the next few weeks too so it’s likely to be Autumn/Winter before the adventure is finally published unfortunately, but I’d rather take the time we need to get it right rather than rush things.

More news to follow in due course. Any questions, please do let me know 😃


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