Whispers of the Dark Daeva for Pathfinder

Very pleased to announce that my 1st-level Parsantium adventure, Whispers of the Dark Daeva, is now available to buy for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. You can buy the PDF at drivethrurpg.com or Paizo for just $4.99

Whispers of the Dark Daeva [Pathfinder]

Praise for the 5th Edition version (also available)
“A stirring adventure which gives the party a chance to make a name for themselves… It’s full of neat tricks to build up atmosphere and add to the realism of the town, as well as to provide a suitably creepy feel that grows along with the body count!” – Megan Robertson

“Each act and area in the adventure reads as well thought out, planned and as [if] the author has a real passion for what they’re writing and the world they’ve created – The Dice Trip

We spent a lot of time on layout for both versions to get the monster stat blocks on the same page as the adventure text. If you’ve run or read the adventure, I’d love to know what you think about this!


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