Flotsam Map

Both of my Parsantium campaigns began in the boat town of Flotsam in Parsantium’s Dock Ward. The forthcoming adventure Whispers of the Dark Daeva takes place here too.

Here’s the map I created for my campaign, but note that Flotsam’s configuration changes frequently as some of the houseboats double up as fishing vessels!


1. The Fat Grouper, tavern
2. Floating Temple of the Sapta Sindhu
3. Dorna’s Hearth
4. Fishermen’s market
5. Bait & tackle shop
6. Netmaker’s shop
7. Baskerweaver’s shop
8. Mendel Stormrite, halfling carpenter & shipwright
9. Ropemaker’s shop
10. Jarwyn, old dwarf carpenter & shipwright
11. The Water Boys, orphan gang
12. Jagadamba, the Witch of Flotsam
13. Home of Mangesh, dockworker
14. The Black Dolphin’s Wake, tavern
15. Bilal’s Blades, arms & armour shop
16. Harold’s Hole, adventuring equipment & other gear