Yggdrasil and Midgard

Two (maybe even three) years ago I wrote a Parsantium article called “The Other Crossroads City” for a fanzine for Wolfgang Baur’s excellent Midgard setting. As some of you may know, the original Parsantium campaigns included several Midgard adventures, including Wrath of the River King, Courts of the Shadow Fey and Halls of the Mountain King.

Now, as I’m working on the updated Midgard setting for Kobold Press, the fanzine has finally been published!

Called Yggdrasil, it clocks in at nearly 100 pages and is absolutely free. You can download it here from Paizo.


Also, if you are interested in Midgard, a dark fantasy setting for 5th Edition D&D and Pathfinder, influenced by Central and Eastern European folklore, check out the Kickstarter.


Parsantium in Midgard

I’ve mentioned this thread at The Piazza before on using Parsantium with Kobold Press’ excellent Midgard campaign setting. Ripvanwormer has just added a couple of very detailed posts (dated 12th February) with a combined timeline and notes on character races and gods. Brilliant stuff!

Back from GenCon

We arrived safely back home from our first GenCon earlier today. We had an amazing time at the convention, playing in some great games, including four D&D 5e adventures and a Pathfinder delve set in the Southlands of Midgard. We went to interesting panels on 13th Age adventure design and GMing, magic in urban fantasy, and one on the new edition of Dungeons & Dragons where we got to meet the design team. We even survived the True Dungeon.

The best thing about the convention, though, was meeting lots of cool people – old friends from Kobold Press and Twitter who I’d never actually met face to face, some very talented game designers, and all the people we had fun gaming with. I thought the atmosphere throughout the convention was superb. I don’t know if we’ll be able to make it next year, but we’d love to go back!

GenCon halls

GenCon Supervillains

Off to Print (again!)

After a few setbacks and wrong turns, we’ve think we’ve got everything set up at Lightning Source so we can supply print copies to Paizo, my FLGS Orc’s Nest (who have kindly agreed to stock the book!) and online retailers such as Amazon. In fact, you can preorder both the print version and the print/PDF bundle now on paizo.com.

Next weekend, I’ll be at #UKT5, running a Parsantium adventure. I’ve been going to the UK D&D tweet ups for several years now and they are excellent fun. If you can make it to Worcester on Saturday 5th April, please do come along. I will be DMing an adventure called Murder at the Hippocampus Baths which features intrigue (and murder, of course) among the guilds and criminal gangs of the Old Quarter. The scenario is based on a longer version of an adventure I’ve run twice under D&D 4e for players in my own Parsantium campaigns which I have converted to Pelgrane Press’ excellent 13th Age rules. I’ve been enjoying creating brand new stat blocks for the NPCs and monsters the PCs will face in the adventure, and am now turning my attention to the 3rd level pregen characters the players will be using. We’ll also be playtesting some 13th Age icons for the Parsantium setting to see how they work at the table. I’m really looking forward to it.

Finally, I’ve been asked a couple of times where to place Parsantium in Wolfgang Baur’s Midgard campaign setting. The Dragon Empires region works best but unfortunately, the historical location of Byzantium has already been taken by the Mharoti capital, Harkesh. One possible solution could be to put Parsantium at the end of the Sultan’s Road across the strait from Harkesh or in place of the ruins of Pharos to the east. Other options are on the Ruby Sea, either on the western side at the mouth of the River Argent, replacing Orkasa, or somewhere just outside the borders of the Mharoti Empire on its eastern shores. Alternatively, on the coast at the southeastern end of the Middle Sea, southwest of Prezhan and at the end of the road from Sarkland.

I’d love to hear about how people have used Parsantium in their Midgard campaigns!