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Hope you all had an enjoyable Christmas and are looking forward to 2017!

Whispers of the Dark Daeva has been out for over a week now and I am very happy with how it’s been received. It’s had three positive reviews already which is fantastic!

Whispers of the Dark Daeva [5e]<

Megan Robertson gave the adventure 5 stars and wrote:
“A stirring adventure which gives the party a chance to make a name for themselves… It’s full of neat tricks to build up atmosphere and add to the realism of the town, as well as to provide a suitably creepy feel that grows along with the body count!”
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Tim Baker also gave the module 5 stars. Tim says:
“As a long-time fan of the Parsantium setting and a 13th Age GM, this adventure has a lot going for it.”
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Finally, Liam Gulliver reviewed it on his news and reviews site, the Dice Trip:
“Each act and area in the adventure reads as well thought out, planned and as [if] the author has a real passion for what they’re writing and the world they’ve created
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I’m also delighted to report that you can now buy all three Parsantium products at Open Gaming Store. Parsantium: City at the Crossroads is included in their 12 Days of Christmas Sale at 30% off.


Looking forward, we’re hoping to get the Pathfinder version and POD editions of Whispers of the Dark Daeva done early in 2017. I’m doing some freelance work for Kobold Press at the moment which is keeping me busy but I’m also thinking about what’s next for Parsantium. This could be another adventure to follow on from Whispers, a 5e player’s guide with new races, backgrounds and class archetypes, or a guide to the wider world.  Let me know what you would like to see in the comments.

Happy New Year! 🙂


New Endzeitgeist Review: Awesome Alternate Icons

Endzeitgeist has just reviewed Icons of Parsantium and given it 5 stars and his seal of approval!

He says “Richard Green’s Icons of Parsantium are absolutely STUNNING….The icons herein are very much tangible; they are characters with names, histories etc….and yes, they may die and fail and struggle. What we have here are proper characters with ambiguous, versatile uses…that lose none of the icon’s required gravitas. Even if you’re not interested in Parsantium (why?), I pretty much can guarantee that, if you’re even remotely interested in a more down-to-earth or sword and sorcery-esque version of 13th Age, the icons here will provide inspiration galore for your own designs…or make for great scavenging material.

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Knights of the Dinner Table Reviews Parsantium

I’ve been reading Knights of the Dinner Table since the strips were in Dragon, and buying the monthly magazine since around issue 30, so I was thrilled to see a review for Parsantium: City at the Crossroads in Brian’s Picks in issue #218:

“Gorgeous full-color maps are included in this rich, extremely detailed city with enough history and adventure to keep any role-player interested and busy.

Brian’s Rating: Travel to this exotic locale and check out the book.”

KoDT 218

New Review: Thoughts On… Parsantium

Lester Gash, who played in the 13th Age Parsantium game run by Steve Dempsey at Dragonmeet, has written a review of the sourcebook on his blog Thoughts of a Part-Time Hobbyist.

Lester writes “I can’t recommend Parsantium enough if you want a rich, detailed setting for your fantasy roleplay that’s different from the usual fare. No matter what kind of game your players like, Parsantium can fit it in.”

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New Review: A Byzantine Metropolis in Lavish Detail

Endzeitgeist has just reviewed Parsantium: City at the Crossroads and has given it 5 stars and his seal of approval!

He says “Parsantium BREATHES authenticity and love – New York City meets Byzantium, modern metropolis meets swords & sorcery – this book actually manages to portray a believable, interesting, unique city that oozes the spirit of Al Qadim, early weird fiction and recent phenomena like the god of war-series, all while staying believable.”

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