Reviews for Parsantium: City at the Crossroads

“Parsantium BREATHES authenticity and love – New York City meets Byzantium, modern metropolis meets swords & sorcery – this book actually manages to portray a believable, interesting, unique city that oozes the spirit of Al Qadim, early weird fiction and recent phenomena like the god of war-series, all while staying believable.” Endzeitgeist

Gorgeous full-color maps are included in this rich, extremely detailed city with enough history and adventure to keep any role-player interested and busy. Brian’s Rating: Travel to this exotic locale and check out the book.” Knights of the Dinner Table Magazine

“Here is a brand-new city setting replete with opportunity… a group that gets really embedded into the life of Parsantium could see out their entire adventuring careers without leaving the city limits.” Megan Robertson,

“Parsantium provides a lot of new and unique content in a quasi-historical fantasy setting … It has a lot of detail and content, and a very reasonable price, so might just be a perfect product to use to get out of the typical high-fantasy Tolkien-minded mode so many D&D-esque world settings represent.”  Neuroglyph, ENWorld

“Parsantium: City at the Crossroads is an amazing product. A world that I would love to both run and play in.” Ken Foushee, Worlds on My Mind

“This book is a great resource which can be dropped into an existing campaign world or mined for great ideas. Exactly what you want from a sourcebook.” Paul Baalham, RPG Now

“I can’t recommend Parsantium enough if you want a rich, detailed setting for your fantasy roleplay that’s different from the usual fare. No matter what kind of game your players like, Parsantium can fit it in.” Lester Gash, Thoughts of a Part-Time Hobbyist

“In terms of playability, for Game Master’s willing to roll up their sleeves, the book has you covered.” Joe Kushner, Appendix N

Reviews for Icons of Parsantium

“Richard Green’s Icons of Parsantium are absolutely STUNNING…. the icons here will provide inspiration galore for your own designs…or make for great scavenging material.” Endzeitgeist

Icons need to hook the players in and encourage them to engage with the setting. Parsantium’s icons do just that. They have personality in spades.Lester Gash, Thoughts of a Part-Time Hobbyist

Reviews for Whispers of the Dark Daeva

“A stirring adventure which gives the party a chance to make a name for themselves… It’s full of neat tricks to build up atmosphere and add to the realism of the town, as well as to provide a suitably creepy feel that grows along with the body count!”
Megan Robertson,

“As a long-time fan of the Parsantium setting and a 13th Age GM, this adventure has a lot going for it.”
Tim Baker,

“Each act and area in the adventure reads as well thought out, planned and as [if] the author has a real passion for what they’re writing and the world they’ve created.”
Liam Gulliver, The Dice Trip