Whispers of the Dark Daeva

Whispers of the Dark Daeva is a new Parsantium adventure for 1st-level characters for 5th Edition and Pathfinder.

As the boat town of Flotsam gets ready to celebrate the Festival of Flowers, a series of violent deaths threatens to spoil the upcoming festivities. When the PCs delve into what’s been going on, they uncover an ancient evil lurking in the Hidden Quarter below the city streets that must be stopped before more innocents die…

Buy the 5th Edition version from drivethrurpg.comPaizo, and Open Gaming Store.

Buy the Pathfinder edition from drivethrurpg.com,  Paizo, and Open Gaming Store.

Whispers of the Dark Daeva [5e]

Set on the run-down streets and houseboats of the Dock Ward in Parsantium’s Old Quarter, this adventure for four or five 1st level characters brings them into conflict with a powerful evil intent on increasing its power by spreading murderous carnage throughout the city.

Part mystery, part dungeon crawl, this standalone adventure is the ideal way to kick off a new campaign set in Parsantium: City at the Crossroads. The scenario can also be readily adapted to other published campaign settings or your own game world.

  • Designed to be easy to run by the GM – all monster and NPC stat blocks are presented alongside the encounter text
  • Contains a fiendish new monster – the dark daeva
  • $4.99 PDF, 38 pages

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