Icons of Parsantium

Icons of Parsantium is a supplement for use with the 13th Age Roleplaying Game and Parsantium: City at the Crossroads,  featuring the fifteen most influential NPCs in the city and the world beyond. These movers and shakers will also prove useful for GMs running Parsantium games using the 13th Age icon relationship rules with other incarnations of the world’s bestselling fantasy RPG – or indeed anyone using the setting.

Icons of Parsantium is available now from drivethrurpg.comPaizo and Open Gaming Store.

“The blueprint for 13th Age campaigns set in a world of Byzantine intrigue” – Rob Heinsoo

Icons of Parsantium by Richard Green

The influential NPCs described in depth throughout the book include the rulers of kingdoms, powerful priests, arcane and martial orders and their leaders, and monstrous beings, both malevolent and benign. Your player characters can ally with or work against the machinations of these icons, thereby driving the story of your campaign in interesting new directions.

Icons of Parsantium contains:

– Full two-page descriptions for 15 icons
– New PC races – the gnoll and the vanara
– Five pages of icon relationship dice results and adventure hooks
– Secret Knowledge for the GM
– Lands of Parsantium map by top fantasy cartographer Jared Blando
– Foreword by 13th Age designer Rob Heinsoo

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